Perceived as "top of the line" by most kitchen retailers, the 2 pac Polyester painted kitchen is very much sought after. The Classic range is International Kitchen Warehouse’s flagship of quality in crisp white or Alabaster. With its 3mm pencil round edge and High Gloss 2 pac Polyester coated finish for strength, elasticity and durability this kitchen is extremely difficult to surpass for value and quality. The Classic range sits beautifully in any surrounding, whether you have chosen Classic, Contemporary or modern.

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A miracle of compactness, Essence is flexible enough to cram high style into a small area with a sleek, smooth finish that underlines this very contemporary European influenced design. Sharp, minimal and refreshingly un-cluttered. As striking as it is simple. Finishing touches include matt nickel handles to emphasise the slick, clean lines of the styling. Sharp, minimal and refreshingly un-cluttered. As striking as it is simple.

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The handless configuration of the gloss 2 pac Polyester painted linea door adds the extra element of elongation creating a very smooth contemporary feel to your new kitchen. Available in soft white Gloss and soon to be pastel grey Gloss, complemented with matching panels and kick boards.

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  • Classic and Linea reflect recent trends towards the use of simple, natural colours throughout the home
  • An 18mm thick High Gloss Polyester based painted door with a tight pencil round
  • Satisfies current trends for sophisticated minimalist styling


The mirror like finish of the UV painted slab style door combined with the practicality of the matching high impact edging makes this door Popular for all designs. Available in High gloss warm white and soon to be cushioned matt white with matching panels.

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Taken from the 18th century Americas shaker community this stylish 22mm thick 90mm wide frame wrapped door from Italy adds both traditional and contemporary options of design. The tight radius edges combined with the shaker frame and the velvet matt finish creates a beautiful looking door.

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Acrylic benchtops have been around for over 30 years and until recently they have been used in commercial applications. Now this high quality alternative has become more popular in residential homes.   The most attractive feature of Infinity® is the ability to join pieces together seamlessly, providing the appearance that your benchtop is carved from one solid piece. Imagine a waterfall end joined to your benchtop, at and width or length, without a visible join anywhere!   Under mount sinks with an integrated drain board can be sculptured into the tops to provide a stylish look to impress all your friends.   Acrylic is the most flexible material to work with, providing the right solution in difficult situations. Completely repairable and renewable, Infinity® offers peace of mind that you can easily bring it back to its original condition. The resale value of your home can be maximized by arranging to have you tops re-polished by our technicians making your kitchen tops look new again. (Infinity® can be renewed many times over). Infinity Sold Surface Logo

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Colour all the way through

Mirostone’ s colorful designs are not just skin deep, they run consistently throughout its thickness. So now you can have some uniquely stylish and practical work surface features.  

Perfect for all wet areas

Because Mirostone is a 20mm thick solid surface with no chipboard core, it is completely waterproof. Perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, Laundry’s, outside kitchens.

The safest surface

Mirostone is a completely safe surface on which to prepare and eat food. Mirostone is easy to clean and 100% waterproof so harmful germs are prevented from being harbored on the surface.

Easy to clean and maintain

A damp cloth and mild detergent are all that is needed to deal with everyday spills and to keep your surfaces looking great…even if the children have taken over the kitchen!

10 year limited warranty

We are confident in the quality of Mirostone solid surfaces. To ensure your satisfaction, we are proud to offer our 10 year limited warranty for domestic homeowners. It’s your assurance that your Mirostone solid surfaces will maintain their long term value. Please refer to our warranty, which is contained within our leaflet How to care for your solid surfaces’ for full details.

Installation with ease

Your Mirostone tops can be installed at the same time as your new kitchen with no delays or special templates to be taken, sinks and cook tops are cut on site ensuring a perfect fit each time.

A choice to suit everyone

Mirostone’ s 7 distinctive colour options give you all the choice you need to complement the colour scheme of your new kitchen / bathroom / out-door kitchen

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Laminate 39mm Quadra benchtops

Laminate is one of the most cost effective decorative surfaces for kitchen benchtops. Installed correctly, maintained and looked after they will last for many decades. The Quadra ranges of tops are unique in respect that they are available up to 4.1 meters long. This continuous length, tight radius and drip check front under edge protectant makes them very attractive to use in any renovation project.

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